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Chris Elam

If you have a business, you have a brand that should be legally protected.  Most of the time, a trademark or service mark is the correct way to proceed.  There are five stages at which a trademark attorney can add significant value to your business enterprise:

Knock-Out Search:  Does someone else already own your brand?  A search of Internet domains is not enough.  Companies have common-law rights in trade names and marks they have used in commerce, whether or not they have used it on the Internet.  Before undertaking expensive branding, a business owner needs to know whether he or she is entitled to use the brand without being sued and/or being forced to re-brand.

Pre-Registration Trademark Counsel:  Is your name or catchphrase capable of being registered as a trademark?  Under trademark law, there are rules on what names can be trademarked and what names cannot.

Filing a Trademark Application with the USPTO:  In which categories should your mark application be filed?

Responding to an Office Action by the USPTO:  How should you respond to a rejection or request for more information by the US Patent & Trademark Office?

Trademark Maintenance:  What steps must be taken in the future to maintain the validity and integrity of your mark?

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